Have you ever wondered what makes the unsightly, three-mile trash along the sides of Walker Road mysteriously disappear?  Well – the dedicated WCAA Adopt-a-Road committee make it disappear by picking up the trash!  They have been diligently performing this community service every year for the past four years. Betsy Bykerk was the chairman of the committee for the first three years and made all of the arrangements, with the County, for the 3 mile stretch of road through Walker that we maintain. She got the signs placed, had the required vests purchased and printed and obtained the orange bags.  Betsy organized the pickup dates and handled all of the details. Verne Tocker was the 2015 chairman and Bud Mellor was the co-chairman They now handle all of the Details.

This year’s well organized Adopt-a-Road cleanup events were held in March, June, and December by volunteers Carol and Verne Tocker, Mickey and Bud Mellor, Victoria and Jeff Morhous, Jack Smades, Glenn Heithold, Mike Francis and Loren Bykerk.  Many thanks to them all for helping to make Walker more beautiful!

Volunteers meet at Bykerk’s home, don their bright vests and gloves (for some), gather their trash bags, and head out to their destinations.  They cover three miles total and spend about two hours collecting.

For each outing, three teams of three volunteers each participate.  One person drives an ATV for mile one (to ensure the safety of their crew), one worker cleans the left side of the road, the other person

the right side.    Miles two and three are

handled the same way. When finished, the teams take their stash back to the Bykerk’s, and the chairman, Vern, has the County pick it up for disposal.


Usually nothing really unusual is picked up - the usual fast food wrappers, beer bottles, soda cans, etc. but, unfortunately, many cigarette butts are picked up, especially by the mailboxes!  Even though the community does not always have fire restrictions in place, residents should get into the habit of disposing their cigarette butts properly.  And they would also help to keep Walker beautiful!














More adopt-a-road events will be held next year.


Pictures of the event are available at