The 2022 Chip and Haul event began on April 1, 2022 and it has ended.
This is a joint effort of the Walker Community Action Alliance (WCAA) Firewise Committee and the Walker Fire Protection Association (WFPA). NEW RECORD! 37 roll-offs = 1480 cubic yards. $19,900 hauling costs.

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The Walker Firewise Action Plan (NEW)
Walker Community Assessment
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NEWS- Updated 4/8/2022
WFHF 18-201 Grant
This grant ended on August 31, 2021 after receiving two extentions because of COVID-19 restrictions. The original grant for $21,600 required a total of 16 acres be treated. Eleven properties, 16 total acres got treated and homeowners recieved $21,600 in reimbursements for their share of the costs.

$21,600. This grant will reimburse up to $1,500 per acre for wildfire fuel abatement. A "Wildfire Risk Assessment" must be performed first by a certified wildfire risk assessor. Two bids must be submitted to Walker Firewise. A final inspection of the work prior to payment to the contractor and then proofs of payment must be submitted for reimbursement. Contact Walker Firewise at:

2022/23 Title III Grant
Walker Community Action Alliance submitted for a new grant request on August 16, 2022 We are awaiting the outcome. For: Chip and Haul.

NRCS - EQIP Projects
Round 1 - Initiated in June of year 2018, was scheduled to complete in 2020 but has been extended. All properties, totaling 60.62 acres have received treatment and the only one item remains which involves pile burning. These acres were treated at no cost to homeowners.

Round 2 - Initiated in August of 2018, is currenty in process to potentially treat 73.76 acres. Mountain Pine Acres, Millsite Village, and some adjoining properties are currently being processed, with most properties in Potato Patch already completed. This is a joint project directed by Arizona State Forestry and Fire Management (Healthy Forest Initiative) and involves several intities including Miller Lumber, Arizona Department of Corrections, Natural Resources Conversation Services, Walker Community Action Alliance (Walker Firewise), and others.

Round 3 - Contract between Walker Community Action Alliance and Natural Resource Conservasion Service (NRCS) was signed on May 16, 2019 to potentially address 126.82 acres. Work has been completed in Potato Patch subdivision and some in Mountain Glen #1. This project will involve the same partners as in Round 2.

Round 4 - This project is in the planning stage. The purpose of this project is to treat aspen trees in Potato Patch and possibility surrounding areas for the Oyster Shell Scale. A small beetle that attacks aspen trees and eventually kills them.
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During Chip & Haul, you may deposit your donation into the mailbox on the table at the Walker Fire Station parking area.
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