Chip & Haul begins April 1st and runs through May 19th
April - October: Winter Coat Drive.
May 20 2017: Membership meeting and Firewise Day
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April Firewise Tip:

Plan spring clean-up and landscaping projects with care.  When planting, choose slow-growing, carefully placed shrubs and trees so the area can be more easily maintained. 

Mark Keegan, one of Walkers own, has served as a firefighter and EMT in out community for number of years. Recently he completed his schooling as a Paramedic on 9/10 and recieved his National certification on 9/28. Our community is grateful for the time and sacrifice he was willing to expend to achieve this goal. [Click on the image to see a larger version].

If you would like to contribute to the WCAA's general fund through the Fry's Community Rewards Program, or the Amazon Smile Charitable Orginization support program, please click here or go to the Payments tab and select Donate.for instructions
Thanks to all the support from the Walker Community for the the sucess of the Winter Coat Drive. Catholic Charities has sent the Community a Christmas "Thank You" card. Click here to see the card. 
Pictures from all of our community events since the our inception have been posted in our Photo Gallery. Click on this link to go directly to the pictures.
The film "The Forest for the Trees", produced by the New York Times, has been posted on our Firewise page. It discusses the effects of forest health on wildfires. A MUST see!
An article on fuel treatment effectiveness,  as concerns the Wallow fire, is posted on the Firewise page. You can directly access it with this link
The WCAA Walker Firewise Committee page is now available for your use. It has all the forms and information you will need to make your property Firewise. You may access it through this link or the link on the Firewise page.